Sunday, January 18, 2009


Clodfelter above the Tri-Cities

From the RUSA web-site:

"Where it is difficult to eliminate a potential shortcut from a route, an information control may be specified. In this case, the rider answers a question, posted on the brevet card, about the control location, e.g. name of a business or church, color of a house etc."

I needed an information control to complete a permanant route; but, the weather hadn't been cooperating. We've had, for the most part, too much snow and ice to drive to the route, much less ride it. Today was the day, however. Not a work day, and good enough weather. There was the freezing fog up high. It looked great. Down low, the h2o was liquid. RUSA member #5081 and I drove it - documenting a few very findable yet unique points of note in the canyon between Echo and Pendleton. We stopped for lunch in Pendleton - The Hut was closed (apparently closed on Sundays) but the restaurant across the street, The Mazatlan Mexican Restaurant had a fine Veggie burrito and a nice enough cup of coffee. Then home.


agwh said...


I keep checking your blog for updates; surely, since Kelly's already participated in a duathalon this month, the weather is nice enough in Washington for some bike riding.

(Doing what sisters do so well---bugging an older brother!)

Paul Whitney said...

Good point - I've been busy over at the other space:
Will resume here shortly now that organizing season is winding down.