Sunday, December 11, 2005

It's cold and dark; but, bike commuting is still good. The standard route heads out through the neighborhood for about a mile, and then onto a bike path for another couple of miles. Nothing scenic; but, it's off the road. Then a block on shoulders and onto another bike path. Down a hill, over the Yakima river, by the Chamna Wilderness preserve, then the quarry, and finally into old Richland. For a mile. Then, the
rest of the ride to work is mostly along Columbia river, or through some of the older Richland neighborhoods. The total distance is 12-13 miles, depending on variations of the route taken. Even with the bike paths, there's a fair amount of stop and go biking. To keep from breaking a sweat in the mornings, the ride takes about an hour. Going home can be faster.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

The picture is from a family trip to British Columbia. We have even more cheesier pictures as well. The setting is some touristy park near Revelstoke. The contents of the park were a variety of Disney (and other?) inspired sculptures. We were pleasantly surprised to be entertained.

The trip had the dual purpose of scouting out part of the Cascade 1200 bike ride. Revelstoke was in a nice, scenic and friendly location. We camped; but, the mosquitoes chased us to a hotel earlier than planned.