Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Year End Wrap-up

Yep - it's not the end of the year; but, I'm calling it anyway. It's done. This bike-season is now complete. If necessary, one can think of it as like x-mas music and decorations at malls - earlier and earlier. As commercial-x-mas-season-start creeps forward so does the end-of-bike-season. It's called. This season of not-biking-enough is over. I reset the metaphorical odometer. It's finished. Moving on...Wait, a few rituals to ensure the finality of this season.

Tradition demands the usual end-of-season questions:

  • How many miles did you ride (5200km for me this year - should have been double that for optimal results)?

  • What are your goals for next year (ride more and enjoy it well)?

  • Any rando specific goals (yes - a super randonneur series, good progress towards an R-12 and a great kick-off of the Tri-Cities Area Randonneurs (TAR? - funniest option for a name yet. We could also get HAR - but, that's too obvious))?

  • Any new bikes on the horizon (yes - but not this year - whatever bike it is will come from the Northwest)?

  • High point of the previous year-in-cycling (Lots of candidates)?

It's enough. I think I'll ride tomorrow.

Extruded grease and pine needles

1 comment:

Duncan Watson said...

Nice list Paul.

I am looking forward to 2009 as well. I am hoping to ride my first brevet next year and may try for a Super Randonneur series if all goes well. I will likely train all winter as I slacked off for 2008, but I am also a cycle-commuter, which means I must ride in any case.