Monday, May 14, 2007

Flat, Dry and Cool 400km

A good route and great conditions. The day would start and end in Arlington, WA. Even though I had a room at the hotel, I managed to get going a few minutes late. So, I started out chasing taillights. Caught up with Narayan and chatted briefly. Then I pressed on and found a group. The riding was fast and easy (tailwind, flat). Hard to believe I've never been to Marblemount; now I have. Another nice looking town in Washington. Let's see: chatted briefly with Dan at the control before then. Played some with the camera (not much good to show for it; the 'best of' as available here). Observed Jon take down burrito in mid-ride. Eventually (ok, this stop wasn't long at all) I left Marblemount, heading West, and confirming that the wind was in fact from the West. Rode. Looked. Looked. Rode. Chatted. Rode. Rode. Looked. Looked. Chatted. Ate. Drank. Then we're at Sedro-Woolley. Refuel. Call home. Head out North. Eventually I'm porposing behind a tandem or two. This is fun; too bad the pictures didn't turn out (here are the ones that did). We hang together for awhile, and then ambiguity as we lose a rider. I stay back briefly on Chuckanut, and then rejoin the train. Big mistake. Too much energy expended and while I hold on to the group until Whitney, I'm near-bonked and rest there awhile to refuel and recover. I press on the last leg, riding with Allison. Gastronomical highlights are beef jerky and chocolate milk on top of a queasy stomach. Oddly enough, this works. Half way through the last bit on the Pioneer highway, I'm fine, energy-wise. My pace is picking back and the headlamp becomes a great toy. The thing is bright. We have a third rider and then we're done. Another great day on the bike. Personal fastest time at that distance, which seems to be a recurring theme among the riders.

Bike notes:
Lighter tires are good.
The Feed Bag (handlebar bag) is good. No rain, so no problem.
Something was squeaking in the drivetrain.
Should have taken the salt-tablets with, good thing it wasn't any warmer. Fritos and jerky were the back-up.