Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Riding and Eating August 30-31

Great rides on Labor Day weekend. A 200km on Saturday and a 100km on Sunday. They were great rides with great people. The rides are well documented via photo and brief sentences out on Facebook. Instead of that, I'd like to talk about what I ate. The experiment which I've been running is moving my body into a state in which I can do long rides at good speed without resorting to carbs - relying instead mostly on water, electrolytes, amino acid tablets and my own body fat. I succeeded. I prepped for the events from Aug 17 onwards by eating a very low carb diet. I entered nutritional ketosis 4 days later. Below is the description of what I ate on the rides and for each day of the rides.

For the 200km on Saturday:
Breakfast: Some frittata and coffee+cream
On the bike (9.5 hours, including stops, for the 200km. Moving speed averaged 15.6mph)
  • 1.5 servings of UCAN
  • 3 Fried chicken legs from Safeway in Toppenish - the halfway point of the ride. We arrived there after about 4 hours.
  • Half a bag of beef jerky from the Chevron at the highway rest stop in Prosser.
  • I also had a few amino acid tablets and endurolytes.
That's it for the ride on Saturday. Red wine, one slide of pizza, and leftover frittata for dinner. 

For the 100km on Sunday:
Breakfast: 3 fried eggs and 2 sausage patties. Coffee w/ MCT oil, cream and collagen.
On the bike (a little over 6 hours, including stops. Moving speed averaged 14mph).
On the ride:

  • About a quarter of a small summer sausage. 
We rode ~40 miles and stopped for breakfast at the Shadow Mountain Grill in Benton City
  • I had the eggs part of the german sausage scrambler, half a piece of sourdough toast, and a bloody mary. We finished up the ride - another ~20 miles.
  • I had Hammer Fizz in the water bottles to start - finished with water.
That's it for the ride on Sunday. Dinner was steak w/ butter, and a lettuce salad (no dressing).

At the end of each ride I checked whether I was in nutritional ketosis using ketostix. Definitely in ketosis.

This was successful. I plan attempt to replicate the nutritional approach this next weekend with 2 rides (another 100 and 200) during that span.