Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The OBM 1200 - Approaching from Richland

John Kramer's mapped out an 'interesting' sequence of rides in Eastern Oregon - the OBM 1200.

Conveniently for residents of Hood River, White Salmon, or even Bingen, the OBM1200 ride sequence starts and ends in Bingen. The OBM1200 is a sequence of permanents put together to result in a tour of a great part of the world. Of course, they're permanents. One could start and end anywhere else convenient and join the festivities in progress. One could link other permanents into these permanents...

The map above shows a nice, direct, and interesting route from Richland (there's a Starbucks AND a mini-mart near this start location) to Heppner. And a finish from Condon to Richland looks like this:

This doesn't add up to a nice 1200; but, it certainly adds up to an interesting sequence of days on the bike. See you out there in the middle of nowhere.

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