Saturday, April 05, 2008

Flexibility - A Non-Ride Report

This would have been useful to have with me
The short version of the non-ride report for the re-do of the spring SIR 300km: I left behind my front wheel. The longer version of the report is better. Pictures that capture aspects of the alternate activity for the ride are here.

It says something (interesting?) about how the brain works that I realized I'd left the wheel behind a few miles from the hotel, at about 10:45pm. The brain pieced together 1) that for some reason the garage door was still open when I sat down in the car to leave (I hit the remote control button and drove off) 2) I didn't have to move the wheel in the trunk when I went to get my dinner contribution and 3) I had no recollection of actually putting the wheel in the car. It would have been better to have had those thoughts juxtaposed all at once much earlier in the evening, much closer to home. But...

I ended up getting good sleep and having a rare day. Tomorrow - a nice 80-100km ride to maintain training and I'll have to work to get a re-re-do 300km on my schedule.
Each of these cyclist had a front wheel

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Paul Johnson said...

Holy crap! Well, we have all arrived at a distant start only to realize that some important little thing got left behind. I know a guy who left his shoes behind once, that's a ride killer. consider a check list, I suffer from Old Timers Disease so I absolutely live by the check list. send me your email addy and I'll send you a copy if you like.

Wish you had thought to call, I certainly could have provided you a good substitute.

Yr Pal Dr Codfish