Sunday, September 04, 2011

Just Ride

Well, I took a month off after the DRR 400km. The knee found a new way to complain. I've slowly been building back up. I've even managed a 100km and a 200km. So, in some sense, I'm back to where I was. I've been using flat pedals during the recovery. Cheap ones. They're great. Perhaps they are these, I'm not exactly sure, but it's close:

This has allowed the foot to take whatever position is needed for me not to notice knees and ankles. It's working. I also have metal pedals; but, the plastic provides better traction with my shoes. As a nice side effect, I don't have to have an extra pair of shoes at work to change into after biking in.

I had been using speedplay frogs, and will probably continue to try to do so. But, will build up slowly on those as well.

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Dr Codfish said...

This may sound suspect but it is my experience so that makes a little sense.

I found when I rode Frogs (and the speedplay road pedals before that, and the Look black cleats before that, and on and on)that these pedals actually allow too much free float for my feet. I know, you would think that your feet and ankles going where they please would be 'natural' and therefor the prescription for happy ankles, and knees.

Not so in my case; Max float=knee pain for me. My shade tree logic suggssts that there is not much 'normal' about stressing your 'drive train' via repetitive 12 inch circles for hours on end. My feet need a mix of freedom and restriction and I have arrived at the happy place with SPD's. This works for me, not saying it will for you. Good luck with that knee.

Yr Pal Dr C