Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Tri-Cities to Electric City

This weekends adventure is a ride straight up the middle of the state. We hope we make it, and that we have a tailwind. Here's the proposed route - except for the shenanigans involving getting across the Columbia into Pasco. We'll start at Starbucks (sponsorship would be appreciated - we'd accept tubes and chain-lube).

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Here's a quick route sheet that starts in Pasco.

We'll have services at
0km The Start
50km Basin City
65km Othello
120km Moses Lake
155km Soap Lake
190km Coulee City
235km Electric City
249km Grand Coulee Damn - OK, I don't know if there are actually services at the Dam, but, figure there's a restaurant nearby

Here's hoping for winds from the South.


BikerTheo said...

Paul, Your rides are totally impressive. Thanks for keeping up with your blog. I'm enjoying it. -Ted Tanasse

KASHUR said...

Hi Paul
You gott an amzing experience.
Thanks fro being here in blogger.

David said...

So ... did you pull it off? Tell us about it!