Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Okie Ride

The Oklahoma Bike

We went to Oklahoma for the annual 4th of July family gathering. I also managed to get some bicycling in. It was hot, humid, and the bike has one water bottle holder - so, I tended to go from town to town, no more than an hour apart. The above is from the Choctaw-TripleX-Luther-Hogback-Choctaw ride. Light traffic. Decent enough roads (mostly asphalt, much of it smooth enough, and a couple of miles of gravel). Great scenery. The route is driven by the North Canadian River. I took every opportunity I could to cross it on new bridges and old. Once out of the flood plane, the ride went to hills. The hills seemed to be driven by water erosion, and there seemed to be about a stream per mile, so one up-down sequence per mile. Saw a heron, a large variety of hawks, a turkey buzzard (munching in the middle of the road) and a box turtle. One hawk got my attention by diving into a field about 10 yards from where I was riding. Another by flying about 5 yards up and across my ride-path. There were bicyclists out and about other than me. One with a back-pack heading towards Luther as I was riding out. And then a small pack of roadies taking it easy on the 4th.

Farm land and flood plane Bridge over the North Canadian River Triple X and 50th A mile's stream Hogback Rd Box turtle on the road

We also had non-cycling recreation - fireworks and paintball.

Fireworks Sky-shot Face Mask - Post-Paintball

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