Sunday, December 31, 2006

Years in Review and in the Future

The plot below shows kilometers per year bicycled for the past 4 years. The exercise log software that came with the Polar HRM, along with the download of stats from the monitor, make this and other information fairly easy to keep track of, even when the HRM is in the shop for new batteries and other(?) periodic maintenance.

Mileage is down since the job change of two years ago; but, not fatally so. Exercise time is more stable over this period.

Cycling goals for next year include completing a Brevet series, and accomplishing and enjoying the long ride from Portland to Glacier National Park. Fitness goals include the ever popular and always elusive mass reduction, and generally increasing speed, flexibility etc.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Mystery Frogs

I received these older Speedplay Frogs with a used Mountain bike from a local bike shop. The Speedplays were taken in trade for some low-end SPD's. It turns out that the configuration of these pedal attachments (to the cleats, which weren't included with the pedals) is different enough from current pedals, that my Speedplay Frog cleats don't fit. If anyone out there has cleats for these pedals, or a historical note on this version of the Frogs, please comment. Some differences between these and the current models include:
  • No injection point for grease -but, an O-ring on the thread side of the pedal to keep the elements out.
  • No ridge on the plastic body.
  • A different color (brownish) on the plastic body
  • The older pedals have a hole in the middle (in which you can see a tube containing the pedal spindle) - the newer ones don't have the hole.