Saturday, November 03, 2007

Bench Racing

One of my friends calls the part of the ride that happens before or after the ride, when you talk about the ride - 'Bench Racing'. It's bench-racing season. It's pleasant to consider goals for the upcoming season, ponder equipment alterations and swear (for the n-th year in a row) that some mass will be lost before the next season begins. For goals: I'm liking the thought of doing a Brevet series, a Fleche, organizing a Brevet, and other TBD. Maybe that's enough goal; maybe not.

As for what's immediately next - I'm executing a combination of this running/jogging training activity, with some weight-like training. Exercise ball and balance stuff. So far it's well verified that I have no upper body or core strength. Plenty of room for improvement. Then, add a weekly spin class to remind the cardio system about what's what. Very different than previous fall/winter approaches in that cycling is not featured. But, the previous 5+ fall/winters I managed to put on a comfortable 10+ pounds. It's past time to try something different.

The interim goal is a 5k run: The Cable Bridge Run organized by the City of Pasco. It's been a really loonnngggg time since I've even contemplated such an event. The goal is to complete the distance without hurting myself while mostly jogging before they close the course. I've seen the t-shirt - it will look good on a bicyclist.